cozy season

It's crazy how listening to one Christmas song sends countless memories flooding into your mind.

The day after Thanksgiving we always hiked up into the Colorado mountains, hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. Snow always spilled down, transforming our little town.
Everything was magical.

But... guess what? I'm not in Colorado anymore and everything is still magical. And I'm so excited for this Christmas season! 
China loves their lights, so naturally they put up lots of Christmas lights and decorations. Sure they might be really big and tacky but I, at least, am thankful for them. 
Classical Christmas music has already been playing in shops and restaurants for about a month. Now we can actually enjoy and listen for it.
It will get bitterly cold too. The kind of humid cold that settles in your bones. Burrr.

I miss Colorado a lot right now but as you know I love where I live and I love that I will spend Christmas here! And this won't be the first or the last time. 

Last night I made myself a cup of tea, went up to my room with a candle and our Sara Groves Christmas Cd.
I turned off the lights. But then I kind of wanted to cry. Then Bethy showed me a picture of New Castle... So I decided to listen to the Cd as I went to sleep instead.

A couple of days ago we started listening to our Christmas music and decorating our home with the same, familiar decorations and in a few more days week and a half my brothers will be here... Yes, yes let me put some exclamation points in there---!!!

So here's to the month of December, which has yet to arrive, and to more Christmas posts on azalea blue. 

Shirt: Target (Brand new, brought over with my cousin!)
Tank Top: Target (brought over the Summer.)
Jeans: From a friend (they're used but I love them!)
Shoes: Hand-me-downs from my Mom and before that, my Aunt Judy.

All three photos taken by Becca.

Love, a

Give this song a listen,
and this oneWe have too many favorites.
 Look at these shoes! (I don't know if I could wear these but I think they're really cute.)
Did you check this out???

New design! YAY! I guess the "cozy season" got to me.

p.s. To ALL my friends out there, I miss you guys. So much. <3


  1. Cozy post. It made SoCal seem more wintry just reading it...

  2. Oh my goodness, Annie! My new design is strangely similar to yours. Beautiful post, by the way :)

  3. Annie, your shoes are adorable...well, so are you. When we decorated our tree on Saturday, we pulled out our Christmas music. My favorite CD is the one you made for us two years ago. Love the music on it. Taeya was dancing to the music tonight. :)

  4. Ben: Is it cold in SoCal?? I can't wait until YOU get here.

    Mika: I know our designs are so simliar!!! "Great minds think alike".

    Megan: Aww, you are so sweet :) I actually didn't buy the shoes (I would like to though!) I'm SO glad you like the CD. That makes me feel so good knowing that you guys listen to it all the time :) Love you all so much!

  5. Makes me miss you all even more!