This year we were in Shanghai for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful so let me tell you about it.

We headed down on the fast train on Thursday morning. When we got there we went to my sister's apartment and ate lunch near there. She lives in the middle of Shanghai and I love it. It's fun visiting my big sis. Also we saw Hannah (cousin) again. After that my cousin Aaron had a basketball game, so we went to watch it. Personally I love watching basketball and hanging out around a bunch of high schoolers!

We planned to do our big dinner on Friday night so the next day was spent cooking and enjoying everything. That night a bunch of people came over and we feasted! My family (extended and immediate) is the best. I had lots of fun with my cousins and I continue to be thankful for them all.

 Thank you Lord for a lovely thanksgiving.

I guess I already did my Thankful list so, Happy Thanksgiving friends and family, I LOVE you all and I'm so thankful for you.  
Love, "thankful" a

p.s. Another Christmas post coming up ;)
p.p.s. You definitely want to look at THIS!



  1. that sounds so fun. my thanksgiving was nicely relaxed...but lots and lots of food.

  2. Your's sounded really nice! Food is the best, wouldn't you agree?