Thankfulness in advance

I have so much to be thankful for... and so much to look forward to. These next six weeks are occupied, filled up to the brim. "It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

Here's what I'm thankful for and what the end of November/December brings.

>> Tonight my cousin Hannah is arriving in Shanghai! We're going to see her on Thursday when we head down to Shanghai for Thanksgiving. I can't wait! <<

>> Going to Shanghai to spend Thanksgiving with my family and staying there for a couple of days. <<

>> Hannah is bringing some new clothes I ordered from the U.S. <<

>> Thanksgiving dinner and turkey ... the turkey is really expensive here so we might not have had one if we were staying in Suzhou for thanksgiving, but we are going to Shanghai so we're covered. And I haven't really had much Turkey for the last year. <<

>> December 8th, Matt, William and Malachi arrive and won't leave until the end of December! Yes we are very, very blessed. <<

>> December in general. Christmas season! I've already told you how much I love Christmas. <<

>> December 18th Ben arrives! <<

>> Chocolate and Coldplay while I write. <<

*And lots more squished in between*

Cold, wet day. One of the pictures from the photo shoot I did with Bethy a couple of days ago.

      Love, a

p.s. This video really blessed me!

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