lock in + new shoes + nails done

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Don't you want to read this post? I mean look at the title, looks kind of interesting doesn't it? So yes, I would love you to keep reading... :D

On Friday we went to Shanghai again. This time we were going to celebrate my aunts birthday and such.
When we got there two of my boy cousins were going to go to this school/youth group "Lock In" thing and they invited my sister Becca and I to go along. It was going to be all night and there was going to be a ton of fun things to do, so we decided to go. I'm so happy we did, because it was SO much fun.

There were probably about 120 high school and middle school kids there and of course grown-ups. They split everybody into four different teams, Green for Spring birthdays, red for Summer, Blue for Autumn, and Black for Winter. I was Green.

We played dodge ball, then capture the flag in the dark, in a huge soccer field, and did some worship. At about 1:30 am we did a big scavenger hunt, looking for clues, to solve a mystery thing. At about 2:30 am everybody got out their sleeping bags, so then the whole entire gym was covered (which looked pretty crazy) in beds. They started a movie and a lot of people fell asleep but I stayed awake all night... through all three movies... so the next day I was naturally super tired.

It was just a great time to meet some other high schoolers and hang out and have a blast. And to be with my two, awesome boy cousins!

While I was there my aunt gave me some shoes that I had commented on. So scroll down to see my new "darlings".

Recently my Dad, Becca and I went to Auchan to get food and for Becca and I to have some fun. :)
So Becca and I got our nails done. It was great and (you'll be jealous) was only 10 kuai! (That is about $1.50 usd.) I got my nails painted with a shiny, coral pink color. It's really pretty but I couldn't get a good picture of it.

Hey, there's me!

Don't worry, the shoes are black and white, so that's basically the real color :)

                                                                             Love happy, a


  1. The High school does a lock in every New-Years Eve. Last time we had Everfound there it was really fun!
    Miss you,
    Hannah :)

  2. Was the picture of you taken the day after lock in? You look super tired! Hey, we need to talk next time on the phone ;)

  3. Fun post. I did a few lock-in's in my day. Don't think I could do one now though! I love sleep too much. Glad you had fun. Lovely shoes. Miss you Annie.