some feelings of mine

Can it be November? When I walk outside I still feel warm wind rushing through my hair and that isn't exactly what it feels like in the midst of Winter. Back in Colorado the cold has crept in, and warm, holiday feelings start crowding in. But although I know in China that all will be different this year, those feelings are going to come. It most definitely will get cold. But as of now the over all feeling hasn't changed that much yet.

My brothers are coming... the three that are back in America. Yes, yes I am so happy... how did you know? And we are going to have yet another Christmas with all ten of us. They're also bringing a friend, hurray!

I absolutely love Christmas. Christmas music is the best. We have so many x-mas Cd's that we've had for so long, that are so very special to us and I can't wait to listen to them non-stop (soon.)

Last year we were here for Christmas. We had all ten of us, and it was an amazing, first Christmas in China. Our shipment hadn't come yet so we didn't have any of our decorations and Cd's (although I had most of the music on my iPod, praise the Lord!) This year we have our decorations and the actual Cd's. :D 

We actually spent Christmas and the three weeks leading up to it in Shanghai, living in my Aunt and Uncle's house, while they went back to America. We had their foster baby with us (my cousin Maggie, remember?) for Christmas. It was wonderful being there. It was like having another baby sister in the house and I loved it so much.
Every year it's always so exciting waking up early and opening presents and such, but the last couple of years I've felt more then that. I've felt so relaxed and joyful about so much. The cold, frosty air outside, the warm, festive house filled with merry guests, having all of my family there and just completely enjoying the day and praising God. It IS about him.
I know it's kind of like once you get older gifts don't matter as much and all, but really you do feel different and start enjoying such things as I've mentioned. But I do still love receiving presents.

Last year I figured out this song on the piano by Coldplay called "Christmas Lights" and now whenever I hear this song, I think of our Shanghai Christmas. It was a wonderful time.

Every Christmas has been (and hopefully always will be) so special to me. I love it.

So back to the first thought. It is only November 13th, so lets think about Thanksgiving first, shall we? 

p.s. Yeah I know, I said Christmas ten times, but I didn't want to say x-mas that much you know? Another thing, maybe sometime I'll record the song I talked about... yeah maybe :)
More on Christmas in about a month, xoxo.


  1. I love poetic posts like this one! (And I love Christmas music too.) And I love that we're coming in December :) (By the way, "are" is spelled "our" in this case.)

  2. Thanks Ben! I'm so glad someone enjoys them! Oh and about the "are" I knew that, I guess it just slipped out without thought... love you and cannot wait until you all come.

  3. Such beautiful feelings you have! IIIIII think you should record the song ;) xoxo