Last week we went on a little field trip with the Wirgaus (little might be an understatement.) We went to a place called Shantong Street to go on a boat tour through a canal. Exciting! Especially with the Wirgaus.

First of all we shopped... chicken feet keychains, glass goat bracelets and elaborate masks were such things bought that day.

We got on a small boat that had about 25 seats and back and front platforms, (quote from Beth after we were arguing over sitting next to the Wirgau girls "I'm going in the back, are you guys kidding me!!") Most of the time we were on the back or the front looking around and taking pictures and then we went sort of crazy. Crazy fun that is.
When another boat would pass we would try to get them to pump their fists, so us five girls and two boys were pumping theirs fists and yelling. We got a bunch of people excited.
Then we got to a place where we went under a bridge and there were people lining the whole entire bridge and more people on the side of it and someone on another boat asked us, "where are you from?" and we started yelling "America" and then I said "Long live the King!!!" (Yes I'm weird!) And everybody was kinda waving and we were all laughing and... yeah it was crazy.
Right when we got off the boat, three of the men that were watching us came running over and so then I got pictures with all of them (I was the one who said to all of them "Long live the King" :D.)
After all that hoopla, Lydia, Leah and us three girls were getting a bunch of pictures with random people along the way. :)

Then two girls and a guy started taking pictures with us. They loved my little sister Beth and one of the girls even kissed her. I think they have about a hundred pictures of all of us on theirs phones now. I got (okay I wanted) a picture with the guy and he put his arm around me and kinda squeezed me, so that's why I look the way I look. :D

This happens quite often with Foreigners here in China and I just wanted to try and explain what it is like.

I still don't think I can quite explain it all. Sometimes you just have to be there to understand what I'm talking about. I hope I gave you somewhat of an understanding though.

That night we ate at a dumpling place and continued to enjoy each others company. We found a Coco where we could get Pearl milk teas and shopped a little more. I found this really cute, yellow winter hat but I didn't buy it. :(

We were walking back to meet everybody when this guy with a monkey on a leash walked up. It was kind of a shock to see a monkey walk up (when the only place I've ever seen one is in the Zoo) and then it jumped on Leah. I got some pictures of it on her arm. We laughed a lot about that too.

Cameras everywhere!

Picture by my sister Rebecca (Becca I'm so sorry I forgot to do that the first time.)
 The day was filled with laughter, friends, Chinese people, boats, pictures, lots of walking and senses being stimulated. Excitement might sum it up.

                                                                  I enjoyed it all throughly.
                                                                              Love, a


  1. "Long live the king!" Annie, you're so funny and random sometimes.

  2. What a fun day, sorry I missed it. The picture with all you girls' crazy faces is my favorite. Good post Annie!

  3. That was such a fun day! Can't wait for another:)

    Leah Adeline <3