Don't worry too much... because I'm still here. Sometimes I feel as though I'm just not in the mood to post and sometimes I just put it off. I want to get better at just putting up small posts and maybe just a picture or two sometimes.

This is the name of our cross street 星湖街
Basically this is our street.
Beloved "Xing Hu Jie"

 I also haven't been taking many pictures and I need to! 

My special pearls. (I don't think I've told you yet, but I'm kind of into them right now!)

                                                     Tomorrow I think I will work on a little project!

     One more very important thing, I am changing my URL to in about 24 hours so make sure to go to that url next time you visit!
                                      So here are some pictures. Rather random, but pictures none the less!

                                                                                  Love you. 
                                                                                   Love, a

p.s. I dare you to look up on google translate what my title means! If you don't figure it out, leave me a comment and I'll tell you :)


  1. NO! Don't change your blog address AGAIN! You'll lose followers if you keep changing it. I like the pictures though!

  2. Ben, Don't worry I'm wasn't going to change the name of my blog, just the url where you type in the name of my blog... I need to change to


  3. Good pictures! What do you mean "I still have friends here"?

    Leah Adeline<3

  4. Leah: Is that what it translated to? It was MEANT to say "Friends I am still here" as in even though I'm slow on blogging I'm still here :)