We are good at it

Friday afternoon we headed for the Wirgau's house. We do these Chinese cultural lessons with them, and afterward I was going to spend the night. 

We always have fun. 

The next day we decided to go to lunch at a little Chinese place in old town. We rode bikes through crazy, Suzhou and... had lunch :)

After lunch we went to meet our friend Bessie on Walking Street. We shopped around and bargained, trying to get the price WE wanted! Leah and I got these red rose rings... and even though we didn't get quite the price we wanted, they're beautiful. (If you want to see some pictures of us girls go to Leah's blog

Leah and I rode part way home by ourselves and it was lovely. We stopped at Coco and got pearl milk teas (see I mention them a lot) and rode back to their house. We ran up their stairs, grabbed our stuff and headed for the bus. We went to the back of the bus, sat down and drank our Cocos. We were so tired.

The day was so great and I just love the memories I've made and KEEP making! Were pretty good at making memories :)

I'm so happy.

My skin looks a little yellow and pale right here... :} ugh.
By Beth Jones

          I love you Leah and I missed you Lydia.
           And thank you Wirgaus.
            Love, a


  1. I've discovered something, Annie. I have serious jealousy issues that I need to work on ;) xoxo

  2. That was a really good post:) I really like the with Bethy's hands with mine:) And you are beautiful! Love you.

    Leah Adeline <3