the Bund

This week has been a happy one. Wednesday evening was spent in Shanghai on the Bund with my wonderful family.

My Grandparents came to China and during their visit they came to Suzhou to spend time with us... After they'd been here for a couple of days we went back to Shanghai with them on the train. We headed straight for the Bund.

It was a holiday and there were (let me just say) so many people. We strolled up and down the crowded sidewalk as I snapped away.
I feel like I can't quite tell you how good of a time I had. My pictures can't show you how beautiful this place is and can't give you the "Shanghai" vibe.

My uncle had made reservations at "Lost Heaven", a fancy restaurant on the Bund (Woo Hoo!) and that was just perfect as well. As I sat at the long table in the the dimmed light with my Grandparents, Uncle and Aunt, five cousins, Dad, Mom and siblings I felt blessed.

Delicious food such as Green beans, Chicken, Broccoli, (all Chinese style) was piled onto the table.

My Grandma and big sister Rachael (now a Shanghai native :D)

My night came complete with pictures standing beside young Chinese men (not my doing, they ask.. don't worry!) I wore black boots and my new gray sweater. I feel so blessed to be able to do things like this. To be able to be near family and make such good memories with them. To be able to live in a city and visit Shanghai... even though this isn't the first time I've been on the Bund it is the first time I actually took pictures. 

                                                 It was a wonderful night and like I said, I am blessed.
                                                                                    Love, a

p.s. Want to know more about the Bund? Click here and here's a picture of The_Bund_of_Shanghai.jpg


  1. Wow, wonderful post Annie! I love your prose :) (Prose is like poetry, but in regular writing.) Don't we have a great family?

  2. Wow! that look like so much fun! :)


  3. What a great picture of my xiao hua sheng! Having my parents be able to see Rachael's new "flat" and see a bit of her independent life in Shanghai was a real treasure.