This is the place...

This is the "old" part of Suzhou. It is super busy. This is the place where people squat on the sidewalks. The place where if it's hot, men pull up their shirts and rest them on the bellies... yeah! The place where babies have "split pants" so they can go to the bathroom whenever and wherever they want. The place where people are always saying "Hello!" and looking at the Americans walking by. The place where you can bargain for anything you buy and get it for what YOU want... yeah pretty awesome. The place where scooters fly by carrying a family of three or four...!
The place where the ladies wear high heels through thick and thin and the young men have crazy, poof-y hairdo's.

So now, pictures of the old part of town.

One street trying to fit in buses, cars, e-bikes, bikes and people can get pretty hectic. I love going down here and doing a bit of shopping and eating. Most of the time we eat at "Yang Yang's" (which has Sweet and sour chicken!)
This is the place where we live, and it's called Suzhou. I love our city even though we don't live in the old part, and I can't wait to show whoever comes to visit us all around Suzhou. So come!
                                                                                Love, a


  1. It's beautiful! You are a blessed person, Annie Rose. Maybe I'll be the first to get the grand tour of Suzhou? xoxo

  2. Woah...I'm pretty impressed with that first picture! China looks so fun. It's one of the few places that I haven't been to/been to anywhere that's anything like it. I would love to come visit you someday. :)

  3. Mikayla: I AM a bless person. You ARE coming one day and you might be the first friend that we get to show around (who know's it might also be Mo, but you'll be one of the first of our friends to come!!)

    Katie: I think you would like it :) That would be so much fun if you came!

  4. These are all so pretty you are really good a photography!
    Love you!
    Leah Adeline<3

  5. Thank you Leah! How was Hong Kong?
    i love you too!!!