Celebrate what? Well China seems to think that even if the weather is (really) hot, Autumn starts like now.
So it's the "Mid Autumn Festival." Anyway it's still pretty warm and probably will be for a while. Although I'm not saying it's not Autumn-ish! Because it is!

Yesterday morning I woke up at 7:00 am and went with my brother Andrew to his Chinese class. We had a 25 minute Scooter ride, through part of the city and lots of people. His class is 3 hours long. It was fun but he does it five days a week! Good job Andrew :)

Bethy and I rode the scooter back and forth threw our neighborhood and I took pictures of these amazing little flags. They're so bright and against the blue sky, it's a perfect match.

Today I obviously did school, then my Mom, Becca and I went to Times Square and got Subway sandwiches for everyone. We got those then I walked across the street to get a Pearl milk tea.
"Ni Hao, Wo yao yi bai zhen zhu nai cha," I felt good.

So as of now I'm listening to Colbie Caillats new CD (LOVE) and drinking my pml.

                                                                               Love, a


  1. i love flags so much! theyre so whimsical! beautiful pictures.

  2. Good pictures Annie!

  3. Always something to celebrate... might as well leave flags up all year, right? I believe we have some beautiful "fall" days coming soon! Fun pictures, Annie Rose. Love you.