Dear Summer (2011,)
                       you have brought me such joy. 6 weeks of vacation to be with my friends and family is        
                          absolutely wonderful. I'm so going to miss you but know 2012 will bring you back.

                                                                              Dear Autumn,
                   I know it takes you longer to get here and you probably won't arrive fully for about another    
                                                month or so, but when you do come, stay for a while.
                                                      I very much love what you make me wear.                                                              

                                                                        Dear Nov and Dec,
                           you're bringing my brothers (and friend) and you know just how happy we are.
                                                                         Thank you Lord.
                                                                      Dear Shoes, boots etc.
                                                   let me find some cute pairs of you for Winter!

                                                                                    Dear Chalk,
                                          thanks for being so colorful. (Which one's your favorite out of the four?)
                                                                              Dear Photography,
                                   I love "you" and cannot wait until I have my own camera to keep perusing you.

                                                                                   Dear Music,
                                  You're my constant companion and I love you the way you flow through my ears.

                                                                                      Love, a

p.s. I got this idea from Carlotta over at her lovely blog


  1. Annie, your blog is very pretty. I liked your "dear" post. Very cute idea. The chalk is all so colorful and I love that it has a hexagon shape so it stays put and doesn't roll away. My favorite would be the blue/green colors.

  2. Hey Gorgeous - remember me? :)It's Hannah! I love your blog. So cute, and I had no idea you were such a great photographer. Love ya!