A flurry of things

Last night my Dad, Andrew, my two little sisters and I decided to take our e-bikes (Electric scooters) and ride to McDonald's. It was about 9:00 pm and one of my sisters came up with the idea of a night ride.
We jumped on. My Dad, Bethy and I rode on one e-bike (Oh-so-Chinese) and Becca and Andrew on the other one. It was dark, but the city is never truly dark. The moon was split in half and reminded me of a Sour patch fruit candy which made me miss America. The air was warm but the wind rushing by made my bare legs cool. My Dad likes to drive rather fast and take turns sharper then I would like but he has lots of experience! It took about 15 minutes to get there and we sat down to eat our ice cream cones and two large fries. YUM!!
Then we went home.

Today we rode them down to Times Square and bought our favorite... Pearl Milk Teas and then I spilled it all over myself and had to walk around with brown stains on my shirt! hah.

Becca and I are constantly taking the e-bikes out for rides around the park. They're swift and it's fun driving something :)

Next post designated to writing about such things as: What I'm looking forward to or what I fancy as of late and other things, sound good? 

I couldn't decide whether to put up a lot of pictures or just a couple... I chose neither and went with just one. One that makes me happy and was taken today, by me.

                                                                            Love, A


  1. :))) so pretty.
    pearl milk tea? What is that? I love tea so much. I'd like to look that up for myself!

    And that idea sounds good. :) I actually just recently created a meme called "list" that you could look at. :)))


  2. I love late night bike rides, or any bike rides, for that matter. :)

  3. Probably my favorite post of yours yet, Annie! I love your prose in the first part and the descriptions are wonderful. Good work!

  4. Bleah: Thanks! Pearl milk tea is just tea with milk and sugar in it and then there are these gelatin balls that float in it and you chew on them! They're delicious!

    Katie: I love them too. Plus it's good exercise!

    Ben: Well thank you! I love you and can't wait until you come :)

  5. I AM a very safe e-bike rider! We had a wonderful ride and fun night. Great memory!

  6. I wish our view of the moon looked like a sour patch candy. Sounds like a great night. xoxo