Girls, girls, girls

First of all I would like to say sorry to Lydia! She wasn't there on the day of the photo shoot so she wasn't in it :( I love you dear Lydia.

Leah came over and we shot some pictures in our backyard. It was a beautiful day and "I always enjoy myself some photo taking!"

Lydia and Leah are the best and they're both so very beautiful! I love them oh so very much!

By Becca Jones :)

Another thing: How are you liking my new blog design? And name? Have you noticed my watermark on my pictures?


  1. Nice pictures! However, let me point out that you should say "shot" instead of "shoot" in the first line. Also, what exactly does "I always enjoy myself some photo taken!" mean? I'm not being critical; just pointing some things out. Love you!

  2. Yeah that first one was just a typo but the second one I'll explain sometime :) Love you too Ben!