I'm happy

You may ask what are some of the things that I am happy about. Maybe it's because I haven't told you in a while or maybe it is because it's good for me to think about all those things. I think there are quite a few.

1) This post. Maybe because I feel the same way and I'm not just saying that.

2) This song.

3) Wonderful friends. *Fēi cháng hǎo. 非常好.

4) An upcoming trip to Shanghai.

5) New, black backpacks and the fact that my friend has the same one. Oh yeah, we bargained for them together. :)

6) Fresh ginger + hot water.

7) Dates with Leah at McDonalds.

8) Burger King dates with Lydia.

9) The color gold.

10) The Chinese language!

And much more than that.

I'm going to elaborate on #4 a bit.
On Sunday night Lydia, Leah, Becca and I are jumping on a train and heading to Shanghai until Tuesday! We'll spend the whole time with my big sister Rachael and the five of us girls will do some more galavanting around humongous Shanghai. Can't wait.

What are you happy about?

With much love,
love, a

*The Chinese I used means "very good" or "very wonderful" and the characters mean the same thing. hehe.


  1. I'm happy that Xin Ya is probably going to have a new home! (although this makes me kinda sad for you guys :(

  2. I've listened to that Mat Kearney album twelve times in the past few days. It's so good, right?