here I go

This was a long time ago. The view from where I sat, doing school was like this. The top of the wall that I deemed good for self-portraits stood like it always did, like this. The weather was rainy but obviously warm, because all I had on was my beloved cardigan. Ooo, I can't wait for days like those.

Yes, this is the view that I'm talking about. Only I took this when I was outside.

Oh man, ignore the socks.
Tan tank-top/Target
Gray shirt/Target
Jeans/Traded with my sister for them.
Cardigan/Shanghai street vendor. (Yes!)

While chatting with Katie, I told her my favorite Florence and the Machine songs. She then told me her favorites (which I hadn't really listened to yet) and now they've definitely topped mine. Here's number one and here's number two. Like 'em?

Today was full of slightly weird adventures. They were fun all the same and they add to the beauty of living in another country. Oh, but my cousin's basketball game wasn't all that weird... no, not really weird at all.

Now why don't you go drink a cup of hot water with a chunk of fresh ginger in it and watch Mrs. Potter like I just did.

Happy Saturday friends!
Love to you all.
Love, a

p.s. I'm having a bit of a hard time coming up with good titles for my posts. Especially when they don't have a specific topic.


  1. ooohh i love the 2nd & 3rd pictures!!<3

  2. Well, no ginger in hot water for me, but Starbucks House Blend works too. Are you actually wishing for hot weather again?!? xoxo