just a little bit

Today is the first day in a long while that it has felt like Spring. The air this morning, as I walked out into our tiny, back yard smelled sweet and a little bit different. The light made me catch my breath because it was so perfect. I could sit on my front porch again and not freeze, but instead soak up the warmth. Not saying that this is it, that Spring has come, because I'm sure we'll have more cold days, but it is definitely sneaking closer and it makes me excited.

I'm working on some fun things with fun people... but you'll just have to see what I'm talking about.

What is it like where you live? Is it still cold or is Spring rounding the corner for you too?

Goodnight, I'm off to bed. Good morning, you who are just waking up.
Love to you all.
Love, a


  1. It would probably feel like spring to you here in SoCal, but most people hereabouts call it "wintry" when we have days like this in the 60's. Good use of commas!

  2. it's definitely getting closer to spring here in Indiana, and I'm happy for that. at this point, I just can't wait for summer!