Today was just a normal day. Actually I started school again. After our morning at home a couple of us went to the park in the freezing cold and did some workout stuff. 
After that we obviously needed something sweet and something to warm us up. We headed home (lots of laughter along the way) and I made myself hot chocolate and watched the Office with my siblings. Good combination, yes? I think so. 
Tonight we made our weekly trek to "Melrose" the pizza place where we enjoyed pizza yet again. We took the bus home like normal (I've figured out that I've been on approximately 800 bus rides. You know, just about two a day!) and now we're home in our cozy house.

Those little lines next to my watermark mean 2012. (?)

What's going on in the life of you?
Anything new and exciting?
I'm sure there is something you could tell me about in a comment?

Love, a

Give this song a listen. I love it.

Lovely, new blog over here. (I linked the whole sentence, hehe.)


  1. the first photo is so pretty!

  2. Ok, probably one of my favorite posts you've done! Too bad more bloggers can't see this one :( Don't feel too bad about not having hundreds of followers; you have a big family who loves you and quite a few good friends.