oh man... my new favorite expression. I don't know, it's kind of weird but it's fun to say. Try it. Oh man!

This blog (Fernweh) continues to be amazing and this post inspired me to do the following.

Brown notebooks. Basically like the moleskine brand only I can get them at the huge market for less than a dollar.

Airmail envelopes. I really hope I can find them at the market as well but if not, I may just have to order some of those darn, cute things.

Chalkboard paint. Yes.

Other than that I think I'm set.

Recently I found one of the notebooks in my Mom's room, I asked if I could have it. Then I saw the post on notebooks and so I added a pocket onto mine. On the front I wrote "bird" and beneath that I drew a large set of teeth. I'm an avid doodler and whenever I doodle I find myself drawing the bird/teeth thing, so I decided it'd be a good idea if I put it on the front.

Today I had coffee with my friend again which was lovely, then a cute, young asian guy waved at me twice and I said hi to him and smiled... and waved.

I painted my nails gold!

Now I'm about to go hold our sweet baby.

How are you?

Love, a

p.s. I redid my daily reads page and I'm working on a couple of other things. My header is going through stages too. hehe.


  1. hahaha i love this ;) <3 i kept saying "oh man.. oh man.. oh man" hahah (;

  2. i love moleskins so much. they are my favorite!

  3. Yeah Elisha, I thought someone would!

    Katie: They're so simple so there's room for so much creativity.