at three

Today's sounding sweet. It's 1:40 pm and I'm heading to coffee with my dear friend Lydia at three. I love coffee. The smell is most irresistible, and probably one of my favorites ever. Starbucks will be cozy, what with rain dripping down the windows and a big, comfy chair to sit in and a friend to talk to. I think it'll be lovely. I'll pop on my jacket and gloves (and I might just throw on my new, red hat) grab an umbrella, and head out into the grey.

Oh Suzhou

Listened to this amazing song as well as this one while writing.

I find this picture rather hard for my eyes to look at. Hope YOU like it though. It's the view from our living room window.

This song has been my constant companion for the past few days; I'm kind of in love with it. What do you think about it?

Oh man... this post :)

And this is happening in our little home town New Castle!

I love you all.
Love, a


  1. Sounds fun! And I must say, you have wonderful taste in music ;) I loved that post on Fernweh! Let's talk soon...I miss you. xoxo

  2. I love that song! I love you, Annie!
    I tagged you in a post today!
    Love your little sister

  3. That was a fun day i got to spend with your sisters! We should have a date sometime, too!

    Leah Adeline<3

  4. Leah: Absolutely we will!

    Ben: They're all wonderful aren't they?