us girls

Yesterday was wonderful. Actually yesterday and on into today. I spent both days with Lydia and Leah!

Yesterday I hopped on the bus at about 3:00 p.m.--a common start to every trip--and soon found myself at the Wirgau home.

We decided to have dinner at one of their favorite little restaurants, so we bundled up in a million and one different garments and left. I sat on the back of Lydia's bike and she rode me all the way there: through the darkness and the city streets, until we got to the tiny, Chinese restaurant. We all enjoyed the food a lot, and the company and warmth of the place was also lovely. After that the six of us (the three Wirgau boys came too) rode home. 

That night we worked on making a video. It was really fun and hilarious, and I'm pretty sure you'd want to see it, so I'm going to have to put it up sometime :)

We watched a Doctor Who episode (love!) and drank tea and coffee and laughed and talked. 

Today we hung out at their house some more then Lydia, Leah and I headed over to our house. On the way over we stopped at Coco and bought pearl milk teas (you should know by now that we kind of love them) and then got back on the bus to go to my house. We edited our video a bunch, ate dinner, laughed some more and then the girls left, ending the 25 some hours I'd been with the two of them.

I love them and I'm so thankful for them! God has really blessed our family with the Wirgaus.

While waiting for the bus we realized that we all had rolled-up jeans on and converse! Picture taken by Leah Wirgau with her camera. I'm in the white ones, Lydia's in the grey and Leah's in the purple :)

Love, a


  1. That was such a fun two days;) I am glad we could do it, sense it has been a while. Hopefully we can switch it around where me and Lydia go to your house!

    Leah Adeline<3

  2. Me too! Yeah we're planning a time when you two came come and spend the night here... and then have a ton more fun!

    xx, Annie.