ring 'er on in

As I write this there are huge fireworks booming in my ear. Literally booming. My eye catches little sparks of light as they explode, ringing in a new year. 

The Chinese new year arrives later than ours, so as you now know, starting today, it is 2012 for them.

All this noise makes me happy. Just the thought of it; all of these Chinese people that I've been living with and growing to know, are celebrating their country... it makes me proud. Like on fourth of July when we're celebrating our country; watching my little town light off fireworks and everybody cheering, it makes me feel so thankful. Thankful and proud.

So as I'm still hearing fireworks a little ways in the distance, I want to wish you friends a Xin Nian Kuai Le, and maybe, just maybe, your celebrating too, far across the ocean.

I'll write again soon.
Love, a

p.s. Side note... the past few days have been a bit busy, we're fostering a baby girl and I'm pretty sure she's too cute to be alive. More on it all soon!

p.p.s. New design... again. I love it though. What do you think?


  1. Aww, this was lovely. Fireworks are amazing, aren't they?!?!? I just love them. That is so cool that you guys are fostering. I hope it is all going well! :)) Oh, and I love your new design.


  2. Thanks Cindi! They are amazing.

    xx, Annie

  3. So, Trader Joe's had a "Chinese New Year" themed sample today: spicy pork and fried rice!

  4. I know! It was absolutely crazy here! Especially when it was the day you are supposed to celebrate the money god! There were fireworks EVERYWHERE!

    Leah Adeline<3