the people

The people here are so beautiful. Same as any other country I suppose but when you live somewhere for a long period of time they become part of you. You can understand them without speaking their language perfectly and you can love them because He made them. And they're not any different in His eyes.
I like it how the buses here are a common mode of transportation for everybody... not just the poor, the homeless and the lower class people. When I get on a bus anywhere in my city, I'll be squashed between business men, young women in high heels, cute college guys and little street sweepers returning home after a long day in the sun. So I feel perfectly welcome ;)
Like all countries though, any type of person can bug you. When someone starts snapping pictures of you with their big camera from the back of the bus or when someone spits (wayyy too loudly) right in front of you, it makes you want to... uh, yeah just leave. At least for a few days.
But you get over those things (or just get used to them if you can) and accustom yourself to the beautiful parts of leaving with another race and in another country completely different from your own. 
It's pretty great guys. And the experiences I've had are like none other.
And in case you were wondering what I think, Asian (this means all of Asia ;)) guys are hot. 

x, a

p.s. I redid the blog a bit! I'm diggin' the faded blues and blacks with accents of brighter colors thrown in. And it's good to freshen things up every now and then ;)

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  1. this is so beautiful and true. coming from another mk I can really relate. it's so great to meet other people from other countries..and they really are beautiful.