songs and pictures and missing people

Let Your Love Be Strong.
Blue Velvet.
Why Not?

These songs remind me of them.
Mainly because they're songs that I listened to over and over again in the days right after they died. Malachi and Kellie are never far from my thoughts and the longer they are gone the weirder life seems without them. I guess I've gotten used to the reality of not having two of my best friends around but still, everyday it feels like something is missing and often my mind goes back to that day when they left. I just need to keep writing "their song" and hopefully it'll be my best one yet. Because for them it has to be.
Overall the hurting gets better and everyday it's easier to just remember the happy times we all spent together and how they are in a perfect place now but still, I don't think the pain will ever fully go away. How could it disappear when everyday you wake up and they are still gone?
God is so faithful. He never leaves even though life often gets hard. I've been reading Psalms lately and every verse is so good. One in particular is Psalms 3 though so if you want to be encouraged, read it ;)

Oh and one more week and I'll be flying to California! I can't wait for everything that's to come and I'm ready for a break :)
L to R: Me, Kenzie and Kellie last Summer which was the last Summer we spent together.

x, a

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