More than a week has already gone by. California has been so perfect. I'm just going to share a bit about what I've been doing and how good life has been.

Picture this.
Everyday I wake up and turn over to the California sun. I get out of bed when I want to and walk down the creaky stairs of this house that I get to call home for a while.
I sit down in the bright kitchen. Bright because the sun followed me down the stairs.
I look around for someone (most likely a cousin) who might have a cup of coffee and then I take the french press from them and fill my little, green mug. The one that I've used every Summer I've come back here for a visit. 
My backyard has a pool in it and a hot tub on the side. Throughout the day people go in and out of the pool and find spots on the hot concrete to lay down and gain back their brown skin. There is this one palm tree next to the pool that I constantly want to take a picture of. Last night as I sat in the hot tub while the sun went down, it stretched out against the blue sky and the moon stood still next to it. 
Clean, sweet smelling clothes (man this California air), dinners with the whole family, bike rides to Starbucks a block away with boy cousins, late night talks with big sisters whom I haven't seen in 8 months and this gorgeous house to live in and even lots of new friends... it all keeps me smiling.
I know the reason why I'm having such a good vacation too. It's because God loves to bless his kids and since I'm one of them, I'm blessed. Not that he doesn't give me bad days too and not that it's easy to feel close to Him daily (surely you know what I mean) but he's given me so much and he's made me feel so loved. 
Picture taken on Becca's camera. It was a rainy day but everything turned out perfectly. We were only missing one sibling. Andrew, we miss you!
Taken by Becca.
So yeah, I've been here 11 days and so far my theme word is bliss ;)

I'll try to be back soon with another blog post.
x, a

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  1. very cool. I'm a Cali girl through and through, as I was born there. Even though I've lived in GA most of my life, Cali is still home to me.
    Glad you enjoy it!
    What part of Cali are you staying in?