Colorado missin'

Driving over the mountains and down into Denver, Colorado. I miss that day. I miss my big brothers. I miss my sister. 
 I miss days spent swimming in the river. Laying on the rocks and sand, tanning my legs and face and chatting with friends whom I hadn't seen in a whole year.
Driving up to Glenwood and sitting at Bluebird Cafe or Starbucks (sometimes both) for hours and every once in a while getting a refill of iced coffee. 50 something cense is hard to beat ;)
Walking over to Target to say hey to a new friend and maybe just maybe to buy a new shirt.
 Eating pizza with all my siblings (except Andrew who stayed in China!) and watching the sunset.
 Sleeping on the porch in our little garage/house made summer home. Watching the sky and the million and one stars in it until we fell asleep.
 Listening to good music and taking blurry selfies with seat belts over shoulders and all.
 Eating frozen yogurt and wearing sweaters in the evening. And that lovely Colorado weather.

I miss it all, yes but I like the thought that instead of waiting a whole year and going back for another summer there, I'm going back in December and I'll finally get to see it in the snow again. And this time, (if my guess is right) I won't be leaving CO. At least for a while. 

I'm moving back.
x, a

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