university / week 1

Monday morning, September 9th I woke up early and picked out an appropriate first day of university outfit. I packed my new navy bag with my Chinese books and a fresh brown paper notebook for notes (and doodling obviously...).
I jumped on the 120 bus and put in my earbuds and turned on something that made me feel alive and jittery. Or maybe the jittery feeling was because I was starting something new.
40 minute bus rides in the early morning have become really nice. I love having some time before school starts to just think and dream and watch and feel. And to be by myself and to know exactly where I'm going. It feels good, and I love the feeling of independence. 
I got to Suzhou university and went to the 5th floor of one of the buildings and found my classroom and walked in. I surprisingly am in the same class as one of my friends from school last year, and that makes me happy.
Class starts and we speak, speak, speak, and listen, listen, listen. Being here three years has given me somewhat of a head start in the class but I'm also learning things that I don't know and that I definitely need to know. So let's just say my first week of learning Chinese hasn't been too hard, and has been pretty much just fun... and I love learning a new language.
After class I met up with a friend from church and we went out for Coco and to get to know each other and personally, the meeting new people from all around the world part is definitely the best part about this experience for me so far. I'm a people person, so being around tons of people everyday? Yeah, it kind of gets me going.

Add Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday doing a lot of the same things and you have a really good first week of university.
And that's just how university / week 1 should be.
First day of uni picture. By Becca Jones.

Early, foggy mornings on the bus.

Clean and clear skies and the city that I love.

Walking into the campus.

I spend lots of time on the bus nowadays! The 120 is a second home of sorts. ;)

Thank the Lord I have gorgeous views the whole way there.

Blackboards, chalk and homework assignments.

x, a


  1. loveee!!! Beautiful pictures, uniiiiiiii woot!

  2. Love it! Your writing style is evolving so nicely, Annie. And you are such a little beaut! It's crazy watching you three grow up into gorgeous girls. I miss you guys mucho mucho!