Right now I'm successfully finishing my algebra and listening to this brilliant, Chinese artist. She's new to me and I'm taking to her quite well. Thank you to some of my best friends for sharing this music with me!
My tomorrow holds more school (as you all know), hanging out, pizza with friends and then a sleep over with the same friends. I'm looking forward to it because they're the best.

Yesterday held some excitement too... after church I went with my brother Andrew to a small, Chinese service where we met up with some of his Chinese friends. After the service we went to KTV (karaoke) which was super fun. It's pretty common here and the Chinese seem to love it. We all sang for a couple of hours and then we went out to dinner. We had north-eastern Chinese food. Pretty delicious! At about 8:00 pm Andrew and I headed home on the bus. I really enjoyed hanging out with them and am excited about getting to know them better.

10:00 pm: I'm sitting in the dark, finishing my math, listening to "Scream."

Oh, and Suzhou is warming up :) Hurray!

What have your past few days looked like? Did you eat any Chinese food? hehe.

The post title means something like "now" or "right now" in good old mandarin.

Love, a


  1. oooooh, sounds like another good Chinese experience! Spring finally arriving, eh?

    1. Is was a great Chinese experience! Every morning I look out our window and it's been so sunny! yay!