Today= a buzzing city

Here's my journal entry for today... and I'm not sure if you'd call it a journal.

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012.
Today it was actually hot. Sweating became a reality again. The city buzzed as I walked through Times Square, shooting random pictures with my sisters, and for some reason the warm weather reminded me of home... actually it kind of always does.
My cold Coco drink tasted really good and of course it made me thankful one more time that I live in China. (I actually live in China isn't that weird!!!?)
As we drove past the lake on our way to dinner, it looked rather calm... but the gray-blue water with the silhouette of the Suzhou skyline was gorgeous. That lake is my favorite. It makes me sooo happy everytime I go by it. 
I think Suzhou is ready for Summer... I didn't say the people are ready for it... just the city.
Shirt and tank: Target.
Jeans: Random, Chinese store.
Belt: Fake market.
Shoes: Auchan. (My new ones, which by the way, I got a pair of red ones and white ones yesterday!)
Glasses: Fake market. (I love my glasses so much).
Backpack: Guan qian jie. (Walking street).
Three sisters! Photos taken by Elisabeth Jones.

Hugs and kisses, a


  1. Nice post! I'm kinda curious how Bethy took the last picture....

  2. Cute photos Annie!! It was a great day!
    Love you! Haha! I didn't take the last photo! Becca did ;D

  3. Katie: thank you!

    Ben: It was with Bethy's new camera so yeah her arm is not three feet long.

    Beth: Thanks! It was a great day!