a happy tuesday to you too

Today I ventured around Suzhou's "college town" by myself. It was so darn warm and it made my time incredibly enjoyable. I had my jacket off the whole time and it was just plain peachy. My Dad and I jumped on the 2 express bus and when we got there we went our separate ways. I think he had a nice day too. 

First, I walked into 85° Cafe and ordered a cappuccino, then I walked around and shopped for my sister's upcoming birthday. I did buy something for her and maybe she'll reveal what it is when she opens it on the 10th... who knows.
I bought myself some red/orange nail polish. It's really great. I think it'll match the outfit I wore today: my new jeans, dark gray sweater, brown belt and white converse. The cashiers saw the writing on my hand (I had to remind myself to get my Mom a coffee) and they told me "Hen Piao Liang!" or "Very beautiful!" Hah. I like living in the midst of Chinese people.

Oh and this morning my sister and I rode bikes down to our market. Also a great addition to my day.

In about an hour I'll leave again... this time for pizza. 

Happy Tuesday!
Love, a

p.s. The college town I'm talking about is basically five colleges very near to each other and right in the middle of them are coffee places and a shopping area and all sorts of other stuff. There are also tons of students there (naturally) which makes it really fun. <3

p.p.s. Did you notice the new picture/category things on my sidebar? Just go ahead and click on 'em!

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