marco polo

My yesterday was spent snapping photos of people. Family members and a friend. I find that all the hues of blue and green that normally are associated with a pool are amazing photo material.
I like these colors so much.

Laying in the sun, tanning is also pretty fantastic. And that warm-all-over feeling is the best.

After the pool, we headed home only to get ready and head back out. We jumped on the bus and then a subway and got to Ping Jiang Lu, a pretty popular spot. We ate dinner at our favorite noodle place and people watched. 
Ping Jiang was gorgeous with all the lanterns lit and the water running through the canal. We stopped by several postcard stores and stocked up. 

As we headed home we decided to stop at 85 degree cafe and get coffees. It was nighttime but we didn't care. The subway stop we were at is surrounded by skyscrapers and it's extra fun being there at night. 
We went home and slept.

Photo by Beth Jones.

No pool photo shoot is complete without a picture of the lifeguards. In this case several of them are snoozing.

God's making me feel blessed.
Love, me

p.s. And the title? Well duh, marco polo was obviously played in the pool, but did you know that it is also the name of one of the first people to come to Suzhou? Jessica told me that. :D


  1. Ah, the pool looks so nice right now. Love your photos! xo

  2. Love this collection of pictures :) And that's a neat fact about Marco Polo!

  3. Making you feel blessed because you ARE blessed! Neat post too. xoxo

  4. I love the pic of Beth, blue suit, eyes, water and, suprise, suprise, Suzhou skies! Keep looking for God's blessings, Annie.

  5. Beautiful photos!! I love the color of your nail polish too. Very summery! ☺ ☼

    It truly is a wonderful thing, receiving God's blessings ♥