South Pas

South Pasadena. A really charming place. Go there. If you get the chance than do yourself the favor.
Really it's all of Pasadena, but this sweet little street was a good place for photos.
Becca and I walked up and down the street, peeking into little stores just for the heck of it. Everything was so peachy... so pretty in it's place. I just love California. I'm glad that it's stuck in my blood forever.
The small ice cream shop on the corner where you can order yummy, lemon ice cream. And the other corner where big gates close and the metro races by. 
California is simply charming.

After we'd walked for a little bit, we started taking pictures. We kept on going because the light was really too nice not to. 
Such a memorable day. I miss it.

All photos of me taken by Becca Jones with her fantastic camera.
And the ones of Becca are taken by me.

Hope you like them.

Even this girl snuck in.

Love, me


  1. These are all soooooo gorgeous!!


  2. I'm glad you're experimenting with unusual writing styles. In general I like the way your post sounds when I read it! Don't forget, however, that sometimes just plain old normal writing works well too. Good pictures (but maybe a few too many?).

  3. I LOVE Pasadena. And I love that three-pic photoset of you. You are too gorgeous. :)

  4. Elisha: thanks girl!!

    Ben: Haha thanks for the suggestions! I'll talk to you about them in a phone call sometime :)

    Abi: Isn't Pasadena lovely!? When have you been? Thanks so much, you're too sweet.

  5. you girls are so beautiful - miss you