a March hello

Hey there.
Sorry it's been so long since I've posted! Literally I've had a lot going on and some really big things have happened and so I didn't do my second instagram post when I should have. I could still do it but I'll save it for another time. 
Oh and I started soccer and it's so great. It feels amazing too!
I also changed my blog around a bit. I changed the about me and favorites page and obviously the look changed as well. 

So this post is to say "hey, I love when Suzhou finally gets warm don't you?" and "cheers"... 'cause that's what the handsome English guy said yesterday when we said goodbye to him. Yea. ;)

And if you want a rad song to listen to then here ya go ;)
Happy March! 
x, a

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  1. those shoes are adorable. just saying. and Love the photo of you on your sidebar!