5 days time

I'm home again.
It's oh-so-good to get home after being away for a time.
I miss my small, daily routines like jumping on a bus by myself, grabbing a couple of groceries for my Mom and picking up three Coco drinks for my sisters and I.
Joking around with my big brother and laughing with my whole family.
Anything like that is "miss-worthy"to me.

My week in Shanghai was wonderful. It was so worth it to stay a couple of extra days to meet up with our new friends once more. We spent Monday walking around a huge park, drinking coffees, talking and eating with a couple of amazing people we just met. I/we had the best time.

After our lovely day my big sister brought Becca and I to the train station and we said goodbye to her. She's simply the best big sister in the world. 
On the train ride home, Becca and I goofed around together. We wrote black mustaches on our fingers and she took pictures. We laughed a lot and tried to be a little weird just for fun. My suitcase was broken so I had to hold it the whole time and it was heavy! It's fine though because it added to the fun and was definitely good for my arms. Boo-yah!

We're back in Suzhou now and my bags need to be packed.
Sunday night we'll board a plane and I'll be on the same plane for 13 hours and when we finally land in America my oldest brother will meet us there. 
I can't wait.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I still don't have a memory card for our camera and I absolutely need to get one! The last few months have not been photo-less though. My two younger sisters have cameras and so there has been plenty of snapping. We're documenting everything pretty successfully. Thank goodness.

Love, me

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  1. wow, uh talk about an adventure. Tell us how it feels to get back?! I'd really love to hear about it. :)