noah and the whale

Last week I pulled out my iPod and gave Rachael an earbud. She suggested I turn on Noah and the whale. I turned it on and every song after that was so good. We were in a van leaving the retreat. All of our bags were stuffed into the back and a Chinese man was driving us to Shanghai.
That whole next week in Shanghai we listened to it non-stop.
On Sunday morning Rachael and I headed out into the city. We listened to it on the bus and on the subway.
We plugged my iPod into a speaker and danced around to it at home.
Yeah, we like them.

Now whenever I listen to them I'll think of Rachael and my week in Shanghai. It's weird how songs do that... you can literally turn it on and you can picture yourself in a certain place or with certain people.
I think Katie explained it really well in this post. Basically exactly how I feel.
And now it's not even so much that I cannot stop listening to the music but it's that there are memories tied to those songs and I love each one so much.
Ignore the fact that my arm is in an awkward position and just look at us sisters. Picture taken by Becca.

Here are several of mine and Rachael's favorites. 

It was our little "week of noah and the whale".

Love, me

p.s. 1 more day. My stomach is turning a little.


  1. I totally know what you mean about the 'heart songs'. I'm that way too. some songs just bring back to whenever it was, and I remember it like it was just yesterday.


  2. I love it when that happens! Songs connected with memories are one of my favorite things. :)

  3. Yes, Noah and the Whale! Wonderful music. See you soon! xoxo

  4. Marissa: I know... songs are just great like that :)

    Mika: SEE YOU SOON!

  5. Awww, very true. I enjoyed every minute of my time! Love you