my party day

Hey, hey, hey! So I had my party. Sorry I didn't tell you my plan beforehand like I said I would... hehe. It was amazing.
So anyway on Sunday afternoon (April 15th) my Dad and I, along with my two sisters and big brother packed up and took the 115 to the train station. I love taking trains and buses. They make me excited. I don't know how they couldn't. Lydia and Leah came and they brought their Dad. (I wouldn't go without those two girls).
We got to Shanghai and met up with my older sister at the subway station. We walked on the Bund before we ate and took pictures and Leah gave me her gift. It was a gorgeous, pearl ring and she even "purposed" to me. It was the best.
 Uncle Jon and my cousin Aaron met us at THE restaurant. Lost Heaven to be precise (I've mentioned it before) and it was a blast. The whole place was dark which made it way more fun and quite fancy.
The food was amazing. Thanks Dad.

After our ginormous dinner we walked along the Bund and took Birthday pictures. We also laughed a lot like always. My favorite part (I think?) was the dessert. My uncle Jon brought us to this really nice hotel right on the Bund and ordered cake, coffee and hot chocolate for everybody. He ordered a special piece of cheesecake for me and the waiter guy put a candle on it. Everybody sang happy birthday to me in both English and Chinese as I turned red and smiled. It was all too good and I felt so blessed and loved. I'm pretty sure it was a huge hit with everybody.
After the whole shebang we took taxis and cars back to my Uncle's house, where we stayed up late talking with my cousins... whom are so sweet.
I loved it all.

We spent the entire next day shopping and eating at the fake market. I bought a pair or red raybans, and another pair or those bracelets I like. We were all pretty tired but had a ton of fun together. After the fake market expedition we jumped back on the train and zoomed into Suzhou 20 minutes later.
Lost Heaven!

The five of us girls. From left to right: Bethy, Me, Leah, Becca and Lydia.

My Dad and I right after we danced around on the balcony.

Just eatin'... you know how we be.

"Birthday" photos :)

We're happy.


It's night time... and we have glasses on.

The whole group.
All pictures taken by Elisabeth Jones with her very own camera. 

Love, a


  1. You're so pretty! :) Glad you had a fun. <3


  2. I love the story of your birthday and the photos. I can't believe how grown up you look! Really! You have grown SO MUCH this past year. Can't wait to see you soon.

  3. Bleah: thank you girl!!

    Megan: It's pretty weird huh? Can't wait to see YOU!

  4. Awww, you are so cute. Love your glasses! :)