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Today is Sunday, May 6th. Last Sunday my family and I left immediately after church for our "church retreat". We spent Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday there and had so much fun. Good food, hanging out with new friends, listening to my Dad's best college friend share, sleeping in my own huge bed and sharing a room with just sisters is pretty fantastic. Then add in late night Apples to apples games and really great talks and it's even better.
I enjoyed it so much and whenever I leave someplace like that I always feel a little depressed. It's weird. 

On Tuesday we left the retreat at about 11:30 am and headed straight for Shanghai. As of yesterday my family went back to Suzhou and now it's just Becca and I left here. We decided to stay a couple of extra days so we could hang out with some friends before returning home. 
Oh and America is a week away! I'm screaming my lungs out right now. 

So I'm enjoying nice weather, family, friends, and in a couple of days I'll pack up my suitcase... oh but another thing... I'm coming back to China. If anybody got confused as to whether we are coming back or not, we are.

A couple more things:
I got new green pants and several new pairs of raybans :)

I'm pretty sure my family in Suzhou will read this so "I miss you guys!"

Talk to you all soon.
I still love you.
One more thing: I think there will be some changes pretty soon to my blog. Hopefully, hopefully.

Love, me


  1. Actually, it's not that weird getting depressed when leaving a fun place; I feel that way too and I think it's sorta normal. After all, if you're having so much fun and then you have to leave, it's to be expected that you feel somewhat down.

  2. Hey! I saw a comment you left over on Aspire, where Hannah talks about leaving comments to get more people to look at your blog… So, I thought I’d head over and look at yours. Sounds very interesting! =)

  3. Green pants are the bees knees! Actually personally I think any colored pants are the coolest. ;)
    That sounds like the most lovely days you've had. And yes, I sure understand the sadness about leaving a place when you've had so many good experiences there. It's sort of bittersweet.

    P.S. have fun in America!

  4. Ben: I know it's normal... I just said "weird". See you in 6 days!!

    Aidyl: Yeah I want to start doing that! Thanks for stopping by :)

    Rebekah: I know! I kinda want another pair of a different color :) Yep it's hard leaving but now I'm headed for my vacation so it's alright :)