Gearing up to say goodbye

This was a glorious photo shoot! We ran through the grass with bare feet and in the river. The sun was so bright like it always is, come 4:00 pm. The Summer air was so nice and down next to the river there was sand and, everywhere, big rocks. The sky was blue and clear! Mikayla, us three girls best friend did it all with us (of course!) It was about a month before we would be moving to China and it sounded fun to take 200 plus pictures of us mainly just to have fun but also to make a photo book out of and always have pictures of us together that night. My camera has never been that good but we were going to do the photo shoot with it so... All the pictures that night came out great!!! And very clear and pretty.
The weather was soooooo beautiful just like Colorado~

You can't even see most of the blue sky! 
Oh yeah! 
I like all the glasses :) 
The river was so pretty 
One, two, three ON A BIG ROCK 
Right over those rocks is the field we played many games of frisbee on every sunday!!!  So much fun!!!!
Mikayla got in a more comfy position! 

Even though I live in China and it is my home now (and you know I love Suzhou!), Colorado/USA (of course USA!!!!!!!!)will always be there and it will always be my "home". and I love it that way!
Love you Mikayla!


  1. Fun memory, Annie. I love how the one with all the suitcases looks like you are on some tropical island or something! We took some pictures of this spot today, all blanketed in snowy white.

  2. Do you have ant pictures of us(Kenzie and me?)
    also if you send an email to me, can you send it through facebook or to my new email (

  3. I do have a couple of us together but there a little dark maybe.
    I will send you a message on facebook or email sometime! Thanks for keeping up on my blog!