Yesterday... Today

It is incredibly warm today! It smells like California and the sun is shining down making the air probably about 60 degrees. I can't wait to wear shorts and glasses and everything! A couple days ago you would walk out the door and feel cold air rush at you (slowly rushing) Yesterday I walked out and felt nothing but warmth and sunshine. There's still pollution in the air like always making it misty. But I actually got hot sitting on my front porch doing math! Its amazing! But the China summer is coming and it is boiling hot...
Oh well were in Colorado for most of it :) haha. So I hope wherever you are (and if you want it to)
get's warm and sunny in the next few days! Here is some more on weather and hopefully you enjoy reading it and imagining in your mind. One more thing. I just went outside again and that hot feeling is already going away. The Sun goes down so fast in a way.

I love the seasons! I was talking with my family about how every season in Colorado is sooo special.
The Spring starts and it is all fresh and the air is so beautiful and warm. The sky is sometimes very clear and blue. And sometimes it's rainy and thunder cracks which is so great! the rain makes everything shine with dew drops and leaves that beautiful rain smell behind~ Spring also brings my birthday, April 21st, which just sounds like spring! Spring gives you such a special feeling too! Not to mention Easter!
Then Summer rolls around and the sound of people mowing there lawns is exciting! The sky is super blue (like all seasons) and the sun shines so brightly and intensely especially at around 3:30 pm and on. We will eat outside on our back porch at the wooden table in our green, green, yard. After that we would sometimes go down to our frisbee field and play for a while in the last of the Sun, we all got good at frisbee (if you don't mind me saying). On Sunday's after church we would head down with al our great friends and play ultimate frisbee for a long time, getting hot with all the running. We would run down to the river and swim and cool off. Wearing shorts and a shirt is so nice too! Not having to bundle yourself right up to the top is relieving and fun.
Autumn would come and the leaves would turn slowly into those perfect autumn colors like always. The sky is crystal clear and it is still warm for the first part. Then it starts to get crispy cold and a little windy and the leaves fall to the ever dying grass and wait for the snow to cover there color with whiteness. Then comes Winter and the Snow all around is Beautiful! The white is so brilliant and the sun reflects off the snow making it so bright and, if untouched, perfect. One night, a couple weeks before Christmas, we went on a walk. The snow hadn't been plowed and so it was about two feet deep all over the road and no one had tramped through it yet. The Christmas lights were all shining on everybody's houses and they made it so festive and so special. Ben put us on the sleds and would run down the hill, it was so much fun! The light that night was so settled and kind of a cold, yet warm light.
Very dark and still, but with the snow falling and lights up and everything, everywhere was beautiful!
Then comes Spring...


  1. haha your right xD it's muddy and icy here, there weren't many Christmas lights this year )=
    oh yeah, when are you coming back? we are probably going to camp for 6 days this summer =)

  2. Annie, this is a beautiful post! Of course, I'm partial to writings about the weather, but this one is great. I miss having those Colorado experiences... Do you mind if I share your link on my Facebook? Oh,and I love you!

  3. I'm so glad you love it Benji! I miss those times too! I love CO! Yes I would love you to share it on facebook :) love you ben!