"He was Splashing"

I know, I know, I like to do "Creative" posts... I love color and taking clear pictures of things!
I will do more posts about Suzhou and China but I also like to post about certain pretty things and about fun adventures we've had (thats about Suzhou never mind!) I hope you will look at all my posts and not just the first one that pops up on my page... Because I do posts about every other day or so, and I would love you to still look at my other ones that haven't seen your eyes on them yet, and maybe one of them was or will be about you! So keep checking! Love you all dear friends.
Blue, Red 
Tinted with blackness

Blending together

Oh and as for the title, Rachael had pajamas and they had Horton the elephant next to puddles on them and they said "He was splashing". Randomness! And paint being splashed? You know it sounds nice.

Stitches :::::


  1. Prettyful =)
    I need to update my blog xDDD but nobody reads it anyways xDDDD

  2. Thanks Savannah! Yeah not (many) people read mine either, other then my friends! What is your blog name? Miss you girls!

  3. Love the colors. Taeya asked me to paint today. Unfortunately, that sort of thing is all packed away. Most everything's all packed away at this point. Soon, soon, we'll be able to unpack. Less than a week and we'll be in Durango. Crazy huh?

  4. Yes thats crazy!!!! I can't wait to see you all this Summer! Love you guys!