Likes, interests, favorites and things about Me/Annie Rose

Everybody that looks at my blog knows who I am and a lot about me, because most of you are my very good friends! But here is some fun things about me (favorites, likes, etc.) and a picture (that I like!!!)
I'll start with my name, age and everything.

Full name: Anna Rose Lorraine Jones
Age: 14 (15 in April!)
Birthday: April 21st

Food: So hard! There's several meals I love, like Keilbasa (did I spell that right?) Stew and black bean burrito's!
Color: Also really hard so i'll just say... All the colors! haha a common response.
Movie: I love the Lord of the rings trilogy! And Despicable Me is such a great movie!!! I love all the characters!
Book: I'm not the hugest reader but I am reading the Narnia series right now and like it of course! And I also like a series of books called "The Penderwicks".
Music: SO MUCH! I like Switchfoot, and Colbie Callait, Sara Bareilles, Owl city, Regina Spektor, Matthew Jones (my big brother :) Jon Foreman, And a TON, TON more that I can't always name off the top of my head.

Some interests...
Writing music! Right now I am writing several songs. I can play about three cords on the guitar so thats so far what I have for the music part. I write the words and sing them. Andrew also plays guitar really well so he will have a guitar riff that I sing along too and hopefully will record sometime.
I've also played the piano since I was about four and use that for my music too, although I don't have one here in Suzhou, just a keyboard. So I love writing music and singing and playing a lot!
Being outside. It is getting warm here now and either sitting in the sun or riding bikes or playing frisbee or anything else is fun! Today we played frisbee and it was still a bit chilly but it was fun.
Keeping up on my blog is always fun! Posting about fun things, Suzhou, friends, everything.
Taking pictures!
And a ton more of course!!!! I love you all! I hope you enjoyed "My" post~


  1. I like this! Regina Spektor is my fave :)

  2. You and I have the same camera!
    :) your blog is really cute... I love it! :D

    Bleah Briann @

  3. love this list, we have so much in common actually. Regina Spektor is my favorite :)

  4. Thanks for posting! Are you two Katies friends/follower's?
    Regina Spektor is great! I play a lot of her songs and sing along to them, its fun :)

  5. I like your pic Annie!


  6. Love the new pic of you with the camera. Great post. :) I can't believe you're nearly 15!!! Where does the time go???

  7. I know I love my new picture too! Yeah I feel like 15 is kinda old!

  8. I like it! Lots of comments, Your blog is getting more popular
    I very much enjoy looking at your it Rosa! Becca