My house, which is becoming quite a home actually.

Listening to: Saltwater room by Owl City (love this whole CD!) Idea from Katie Bennett~

I thought that you should see my house. Its 5 story's tall.... yes, Wow!
I love it and now that we've been here for a long time we know everything around us and the buses, and our sweet guards. We have a small kitchen but its cozy. Floor heating is also really great! You can lie on the floor when its clean, its nice. Please continue to read all the past post's because I do posts about everyday but I still want you to read the recent ones :) Thanks, and love from Annie Rose.
Also my house ends after that window on the right but goes straight up :)
Oh and by the way Happy March 1st!

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  1. What a fine house! Who pays for that fine house? Da Baba I love you Annie... great post.