The... SIF. Our beautiful Church.

Spring blossom's! (Right next to the church) 
My sister's and Leah posing on a rock, next to the stepping stones we walk across every Sunday!  
The Steeple. 
It's a huge church! 
I love this picture~ 
That is the real color just so you know, isn't it pretty? 

And here's huge Jesus. 
Stained glass windows fill the church. 
This one kinda reminds me of the one at the beginning of the new Narnia remember? It's really pretty. 
The colors are pretty brilliant. 
Stained glass.

It's pretty big and very bright! It may look like look an Old cathedral (maybe, I don't know?) but it's not, haha obviously.
Thanks for looking at my pictures! If you want to see a picture of the whole church go on google and search,
Suzhou China international church and look at images.


  1. That's a really cool post, But our church isn't really that pretty! haha

  2. That are church, It's really cool.

  3. Great post, Annie Rose! SIF IS an amazing place... to think that the Chinese government would build a church like that here in China! Keep up the blogging! Love, Mom

  4. Jealous.

    Oh your last blog entry won't work, it says it doesn't exist...

  5. Thanks Savannah! It won't let you see it?