Taeya is like my little sister. For the last two and a half years I have grown very close to Taeya and her Mommy Megan. I go to swim lessons with Megan and watch Taeya while Megan teaches.
I babysit Taeya and go shopping with them and were very close. The last day I saw her was hard because she probably wouldn't remember me that well (thank God for skype so she can see us and remember us better!) I think she was probably confused about us leaving. She's SOOO cute and says the cutest words and calls us three all "Becca" because I think its the easiest to say. After we taught her Annie and Beth then she would call us Annie for a while. She still knows our names and loves to show us her new things on skype and i'm very thankful for getting to see her and Megan! Megan just had a baby and now we can see him on skype too! He's super cute too and watching Taeya with him is sweet. Since we wouldn't be able to stay and see Brecken when he was born Megan took us to her ultrasound to see him.
At the end of the road where I said goodbye to everybody. Look at my eyes...
I love you Taeya and will miss you until I see you in the Summer time! I love you Megan and it will be so nice seeing you all again! Love, Annie


  1. Remember when she'd drop things so we'd pick them up xD she's so cute =)

  2. That's weird. I left you a comment when you posted this last week. Wonder what happened to it.

    What a sweet post. I loved it and it brought tears to my eyes. We miss you so very much!! I took pictures of Taeya in her little dress you brought her from China. She wore it to church last week and everyone commented on it. So many sweet memories with you girls. Love you bunches too!!

  3. I'm glad you liked it! I can see both comments you left now.
    Love you all!