Love and sweets

I am about to finish my day.
I had a day full of sweets from the USA.
My little sister got a wonderful birthday package from our best friends in Colorado and it had Sour Patch candy in it for Becca and I. Sour Patch is such an awesome candy! So thanks to my friends~
Chinese lesson... I learned how to say lots of things. Here are some... Wo xi huan kan shu dan shi wo bu xi huan kan dian shi. Means "I like reading but I don't like watching TV". Which isn't necessarily true. We don't have a TV but we do watch lot's of movies which I love. I learned how to say phone which is translated into "Electric conversation" basically! I like Chinese.
We had our youth group over like we do on all Mondays, which is always a fun night! We do a short lesson and my dad leads us in some music. Then we play games! We also eat. Tonight we ate French Twists a.k.a donuts which are really good, although I shouldn't of eaten that much because I had only had candy and lunch so far ;) Tonight I kinda felt like taking pictures of something sweet and colorful and rich. Or a picture of a baby or something (we got this forward email about this Mom taking pictures of her baby in different scenes, and its really cute). Tomorrow I will be going with my youth leader Brittany, friends, Lydia and Leah and my sis, Becca to Auchon, our huge grocery/anything store (110 cash registers and very busy at times!) to buy baby diaper wipes, haha, for the orphanage.
I hope tomorrow will be a nice day :) I love everybody that looks at my blog and those of you who just "Follow" me around (kinda creepy). Goodnight and goodbye to Monday, February 28th 2011 whom I will never see again.

P.S.  I wanted to end this blog with that last sentence but I also wanted to say something about it.
It's interesting thinking about never seeing that exact day again! Its kinda sad and I might not want to end a post like that (although I like the way it sounds and I do like having it close the post!)

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