They make me excited... what about you?

Notice the very little red ferris wheel in the background... thats near our house. 
The building turns all different colors and is HUGE! 

When there so loud and very bright it just makes you want to yell and be excited, which we were!

Chinese new year came! We went to our friends house (they are gone and said we could go over for the view) They live on the 21st floor and they have an amazing view of the whole entire lake and all the lights and fireworks! So here are some of my picture's of the fireworks that by the way exploded all night long...


  1. Wow! What beautiful photos. I love the two of the city especially.

  2. Thanks Megan! I love it when you comment and make time to check my blog :)! I love you!

  3. Pretty =)
    Year of the Rabbit yay!
    I'm a Rat xD Kenzie and Monkey are Tigers,
    I like the colorful building.

  4. Thanks Savannah! I'm a rat too! So Kenzie and Amanda just had there year of bad luck?